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October 10, 2014 Professional Development
8:00-11:00 Location: Leicester Public Schools, Training cost: Free
  • This educator in-service training is a workshop-based experience which focuses on identifying and remediating a number of factors associated with student behavior.  Participants will be asked to reflect on current practices of behavior intervention and management, with specific emphasis on the role of educators’ personal values, sensitivities, and preferences in setting rules or expectations and in determining acceptable or unacceptable conduct.  Student behavior will be addressed by examining possible causative factors associated with behavioral choices, largely through identifying the potential emotional foundations which significantly impact students’ behavioral choices.  Other key areas of focus are as follows:
    • The perception of behavior as a communication rather than defiance or opposition
    • The limitations of being “perfect” in the eyes of students and the benefit of being vulnerable and thereby approachable
    • The absence of the overt teaching of acceptable conduct and the belief that students should arrive at school “ready to learn” versus the need to dedicate instructional time to teaching about behavior
    • Establishing the value or purpose of a given classroom rule such that students feel a vested interest in abiding by it
    • Review of a selection of surface behavior management techniques applicable to various styles of learner and circumstance, as well as reflection on previous successes or projections for future application of techniques with target populations.
  • Physical Management of the Intensive Special Needs Students - Presented by Kristen Clark
8:00-11:00 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
8:00-11:00 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
  • This is an experiential workshop that will give an overview of music therapy. It will show how music therapy is used in school settings to support students with special needs to more effectively access the curriculum. Adapted songwriting, welcome songs, improvisation songs, goodbye songs, communication/socialization songs, adapted switches, visual aides, and the use of musical prompts will be explored. The presenter will review the many benefits of music therapy treatment. Common interventions, goals/objectives, assessments, and progress notes will be summarized as well.
  • Vision & Mobility- Presented by Michelle Bedard and Demetra Edwards
11:30-2:30 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
8:00-2:30 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: $50 per person
8:00-11:00 Location: Oxford High School, Training Cost: $100 per person
  • Transition Assessment
    • LEARNING OBJECTIVE: At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to produce a transition assessment plan for a student that includes all the necessary areas to evaluate.  Each participant will also have generated a listing of organizational structures, materials and resources required in order to support comprehensive transition assessment district wide.
  • I-13 and IEP design and development
    • LEARNIG OBJECTIVE: By completing this session, participants will be able to compare an IEP to I-13 using National standards on Best Practice and rate its compliancy.
  • Assessing Fitness - Based  Physical Education for Grades K-12 - Presented by Robert Fitzpatrick
8:00-2:30 Location: TBD, Training Cost: $50 per person
  • This presentation provides attendees a hands-on experience with regard to assessing learners in physical education. Current trends in assessing fitness (Fitness Gram/Presidential fitness test) will be explored and goal setting techniques will be applied to enhance health-related fitness scores. District Determined Measures will also be discussed for the purpose of developing appropriate measures for grades K-12. Core Course Objectives will be analyzed for all grade levels. Attendees will leave with samples of strategies and activities to enable them to effectively and efficiently assess student learning in content areas.
  • ABA Training - Offered by Dudley Charlton  For more information please contact Lorinda Allen at
8:30-3:30 Location: Charlton Middle School Auditorium, Training Cost: Free
  • ABA is a discipline that helps to understand and improve human social behavior. This seminar will focus on understanding, defining and treating  behavior. We will compare behavior to the environment and develop techniques to decrease undesired behavior while increase socially appropriate behavior.  Seminar lecture will be reinforced with YouTube videos and some “hands on” activities. You will learn how to collect meaningful data to help create reinforcement systems to monitor/treat behaviors in your classroom.
  • ELL Training - Offered by Dudley Charlton For more information please contact Lorinda Allen at
12:30-3:30 Location: Shepherd Hill, Training Cost: Free
8:00-11:00 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
8:00-11:00 Location: Leicester Public Schools, Training Cost: $50 per person
  • This interactive 3-hour workshop will focus on making DDMs relevant and helpful for SISPs (School Guidance Counselors, School Adjustment Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologist, School Nurse, Library/Media Specialists, Speech & Language Specialists, Technology Specialists, Case Managers, Others) in developing meaningful DDMs focused on improving their professional practice and increasing their students’ learning.
    •  The first part of the training will involve a presentation with handout packets with the objective being to provide educators with an overview of the initiative, review of the terms and requirements, and develop an understanding of the student growth and teacher impact ratings.
    • The next segment of be the training will interactive, allowing “job-alike” groups to work together to discuss and develop draft proposals of their DDMs. The facilitator will circulate among groups and offer support.
    • The session will conclude with a debriefing conversation about the comfortable and challenging aspects of the tasks, and finally by providing an opportunity for participants to develop a “next-step action plan” going forward.
  • PBIS - Presented by Brendra Goodreau  and Derek Sosnowski
11:30-2:30 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
  • This PBIS training will focus on providing an overview of PBIS, including the relationship to ABA and the foundations needed to successfully begin PBIS within a school setting.  The presenters will introduce the SWIS database as a method to collect, input, and analyze data.  Discussions will focus on how to develop function based interventions based on data.  The training will emphasize how to sustain and develop capacity for PBIS within a school setting.  The trainers will also share the PBIS framework they developed specifically for the Grow School.
  • PLCs Groups
11:30-2:30 Location: Leicester Public Schools, Training Cost: Free
11:30-2:30 Location: Oxford High School, Training Cost: $50 per person
8:00-11:00 Location:SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
  • SAT Redesign
    This workshop will discuss how the new SAT and PSAT/NMSQT are departures from our current programs, how they are more closely linked to rigorous college readiness standards, such as the Common Core State Standards, and what this all means for schools, teachers, students, and parents. A great deal of change is upon us and school leaders need to be aware of these changes. Our redesigned programs are no longer solely about college admissions and acceptance, but include the College Board's Opportunity Agenda, which links assessment, instruction, and equity so that all students are afforded post-secondary opportunities. Part of this workshop is explaining how the redesigned SAT and PSAT/NMSQT programs differ from what many of us remember from high school and how they are now tightly woven into college and career opportunities. As part of the Opportunity Agenda, we will discuss several of the no-cost resources that are built into College Board assessments for immediate use.
  • School Nursing - Present by Sean Williams
8:00-11:00 Location: SWCEC, Training Cost: Free
8:00-11:00 Location: The Grow School Dudley Conference Room, Training Cost: Free
  • District staff with responsibility for  school attendance policy may bring a copy of current district attendance policy.  Probation Officers will review the CRA law and will work with participants to review attendance policy for inclusion of CRA requirements, provisions, and language.
    Participants could make revisions to take back to their districts for review.
  • Creating Safe and Supportive Schools - Offered by Tantasqua  For more information please contact Lonna Gonyou at
8:15-3:00 pm Location:Tantasqua High School, Training Cost: $40 per person
  • This will cover information relative to social emotional learning, comprehensive mental health and behavioral health supports in schools, and practical tips for classroom teachers. 
  • PREPaRE Workshop 1, Second Edition - Offered by Tantasqua  For more information please contact Lonna Gonyou at
2 sessions 8:15-11:00 & 12:00-3:00 Location: Tantasqua Junior High School, Training Cost: $25 per person
  • This 1-day workshop provides school-based mental health professionals, administrations, security professionals, and other educators the knowledge and resources to help them establish and sustain comprehensive school safety and crisis prevention and preparedness efforts.  With updated research and strategies, this workshop makes a clear connection between ongoing school safety and crisis preparedness.  It also will emphasize the unique needs and functions of school teams and the steps involved in developing these teams, including a model that integrates school personnel and community provider roles.  The workshop also explores how to prepare the school crisis by developing, exercising, and evaluating safety and crisis plans.    
  • Executive Functioning- Offered by Millbury (Training is Full)  For more information please contact Kate Ryan at
8:30-11:00 Location: Millbury High School, Training Cost: $25 per person
  • Audience: School Psychologist, OT, & SLP
  • Infographics - Offered by Northbridge Public Schools For more information please contact Amy Allen Magnan at
8:30-11:00  & 12:00-2:30 (Stay all day or come for half the day) Location: Northbridge High School Media Center, Training Cost: Free
  • Infographics are becoming one of the most commonly used methods of conveying information.  They can be used to display data, trends, ideas, and much more.  Presenter Kathy Schrock will share tips and tricks for using student-created infographics as a form of assessment. The presentation (one-hour interactive webinar) will showcase how infographics are created and concentrate on the student literacy skills necessary to research, critique, summarize, and communicate information in a visual way to reach their audience.  The group will spend the remainder of the morning applying the skills in creating their own "infographic."  
Special Education PD Offerings

All of the MFA and MLA courses are open to all current educators in Massachusetts, although there are certain criteria that participants need to meet as outlined in the applications.  Please go to the following sites for more detailed information, including instructions for completing the applications.

For the Massachusetts FOCUS Academy (MFA) please click here

For the Massachusetts Licensure Academy (MLA) please chick here

Please do not hesitate to contact Linda Tarmy at 781-338-3384 or with any questions or comments.

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